Your earnings are determined by where you spend your time. Learn how successful owners double their earning power and work less hours in their business by focusing on high-value activities


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We help Owners run their business by the numbers so they can enjoy higher profits, healthier cashflows and build long term wealth.

The ultimate business scorecard is your financial statements. They represent the quality of your decisions and actions. However they are totally unreadable!

Most Owners we work with are frustrated they work harder each successive year yet their profit and cash isn’t where they would like it to be.

We have developed a unique way to identify and deliver improvement using your financial statements.

The statements are your ultimate scorecard. They represent the quality of all your decisions and actions. However they are totally unreadable!

Fear not. It’s not our goal to turn you into CPA’s. What we do is mine them to identify ways to reduce costs, free up cash and improve profit.

We create an operational scorecard with a few key metrics so you can steer your business with objective numbers and less on subjective intuition.

The first step is a simple Business Health Test. We take your financial statements and use them as a literal treasure map to show you where you can make more money and generate more cash.

Approach Overview:

The Business Health Test is guaranteed to deliver value. We charge a nominal fee of $1,000. You only pay after we deliver your assessment and you are totally happy.

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About Mick

Hi, I’m Mick Holly. Originally from the UK I hold US and British passports. Fortunately, they are both English speaking countries! Along with Andre Gien I co-host The Science of Business Wealth Podcast where we discuss the issue facing owners wanting to scale and optimize their businesses.

For over 35 years I have been helping companies drive growth and improvement and have been featured in Forbes magazine. Latterly I have been implementing our Running Your Business by the Numbers and Sales by the Numbers approach in privately owned companies.

About Andre

Hi, Andre Gien here. I’m excited you have found our site and hope I can help you on your business journey. I was born in South Africa, moved to Australia and live in the United States!

I am a chartered accountant. My passion is to help you interpret your numbers to fuel growth and profitability. I have worked with both aspiring and wildly successful entrepreneurs for twenty years. I am excited about how our unique approach can help you grow, build a legacy, and have more time outside your business!