Micromanagement is a big reason why owners and managers cause issues and stagnation in a business that is trying to grow. In this episode, Mick and Andre will address the main area where bottlenecks happen in business and why owners need to transition into a mindset that allows them to let go. They share tips on how management can be developed in a way that positively affects the culture of the business and frees up the owners’ time to do what they do best.

Developing a growth mindset is necessary in order to let go of more things and free up time for building and strategizing. Many owners have a hard time making that shift as their business transitions out of survival mode, but if the shift is not made, it can cause lasting damage to the business and its employees. Listen in to learn how to create clear goals, delegate responsibilities, and build a team that is empowered and accountable.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode: 

  • Where bottlenecks usually happen.
  • The importance of self-accountability and where that is generated.
  • The different stages of time and management in the Investor Ready Scorecard.
  • What mind shift needs to happen in order to grow and move up.
  • The negative effect survival-mode management has on employees.
  • Why clear roles and responsibilities are key to effective management.
  • What a RACI chart is and how to build one.
  • What The Lord of the Rings has to do with management and responsibilities.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Self-accountability is driven inside the management or senior management team and integrated into the culture through the management operating system.” – Andre Gien

“They want to let go, yet, in their core, they’re all micromanagers.” – Andre Gien

“It really is a very significant mind shift for an owner to want to let go.” – Andre Gien

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