In this episode, Mick and Andre are continuing with the Investor Ready Scorecard and discussing how to set up a better management operating system. You want your organization to know what to do—with clarity—so they can get the job done well, and the operating system directly affects this. Mick and Andre talk about ways to improve this system and standardize its format in order to provide clarity and ease down the road.

Listen in to learn where many people go wrong with operating systems and how to put together the important aspects of the business to work on. Mick and Andre also discuss important indicators of looking forward and transitioning from running on survival mode into a smooth, process-oriented and clearly-managed business.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode: 

  • What your management operating system is and why it’s important.
  • The symptoms that present themselves in the different stages of the management operating system.
  • The importance of clear goals and tasks for your organization to carry out.
  • How we govern our business changes during the shift out of survival mode.
  • How to gain control of the key indicators for your business.
  • Three key operating system aspects that help things run smoothly and more effectively.
  • How to run massively effective meetings that stimulate productivity.
  • The importance of motivational accountability to keep things driving forward.
  • How to avoid the tyranny of the urgent.
  • An overview of the 5 key chapters.
  • How to cover all key elements in your business model on your scorecard.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“This one area of the management operating system always seems to have some gaps and can always be improved, and when it does improve, it has a huge, huge impact.” – Mick Holly

“The way that we govern our business is really on this gut instinct or tribal knowledge.” – Andre Gien

“Aspiration is more powerful than desperation.” – Mick Holly

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