For this final episode in the Investor Ready Scorecard series, Andre and Mick talk about the importance of developing a winning formula for your business. They discuss what this means for your business in each stage, as well as how to target the right kind of customers in order to create sustainable success.

Andre and Mick share why it’s so important to do the due diligence on positive relationships so you can learn how to scale them and not leave one or two people with 80% of the business relationships. Listen in to hear examples of how to capture the messaging that works, tips for implementing it in a way that stands out to attract the people you want, and how to hone down your messaging in order to find a more niche market to target that will be magnetically attracted to your business.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode: 

  • What the winning formula is all about.
  • How the winning formula works (or doesn’t work) in the survival mode stage.
  • How different people target and identify the right customers.
  • The importance of scalable relationships in the in business phase.
  • How to scale relationships into messaging that attracts the right people.
  • What the phrase “compel or repel” means and why it’s so important.
  • Examples of how a niche market wins over an overly broad market.
  • An exercise that will help you target your best customer.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“The original owners own 80% of the relationships in the business. They are the rainmakers. Yeah, they have good relationships, but that isn’t transferrable. It’s not scalable.” – Mick Holly

“We’ve got to the stage that the messaging is so polarizing that it magnetically attracts the people that are looking for that type of offer or service. They are drawn to you effortlessly.” – Andre Gien

“You want to take your language to the phrase where you’re not just the best, you are the only person in the market that does this thing to this level of service.” – Andre Gien

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