Sales is a mix of two main mentalities or types: hunters and farmers. In this episode, you'll learn the main qualities and characteristics of these two and how to get the most out of each. Mick is flying solo this week, and with 30 years of sales experience, he has plenty of perspective and industry insight to help you manage your salespeople more effectively.

Surprisingly, many salespeople tend to lean toward one side, and Mick breaks down how to balance this out and watch out for the things that can get a business stuck. Listen in to hear him share how to move away from scalability issues and offer valuable and actionable tips that will help you nurture your salespeople and encourage more of the hunter style capabilities.


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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode: 

  • A surprising finding about many salespeople.
  • What the hunter and farmer mentalities are.
  • Key characteristics of the hunter vs. the farmer.
  • The problem with you being the only rainmaker.
  • Strategies to hand off hunter responsibilities and key relationships.
  • How to nurture budding hunters in your team.
  • The importance of being able to course correct.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“If one of those customers had a bad year, or one of those customers decides to go elsewhere, the business is very, very fragile.” – Mick Holly

“The hunter is really a new business closer. The farmer manages existing accounts.” – Mick Holly

“Start to activate some of the new business development capabilities with your team.” – Mick Holly

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