One of the key wealth-building attributes is having a predictable client acquisition system. In this episode, Mick will discuss the importance of a predictable sales strategy that is massively effective over time. By observing the challenges faced by owners and salespeople, we are able to pinpoint some main issues and how to create the best solution and system to solve these problems.

Mick relates his experiences working with and listening to sales calls and what he has learned from the various sales styles, including what works and what doesn’t. He shares some valuable keys to sales, from preparation and clarity to consistency and communication. He also walks you through the process of researching and preparing for a fantastic and effective sales call and shares how to avoid three key sales call mistakes.


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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode: 

  • The importance of having a predictable client acquisition system.
  • The key to an effective sales method.
  • Challenges faced by owners and how they come about.
  • Why it’s important to clarify the meeting outcome.
  • Six steps to be more effective with your sales calls.
  • The value of patience and listening when it comes to sales.
  • What proof points are and how to identify them.
  • The value of trust building over time.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“The challenge I see owners facing is the inconsistency in the way that sales come in.” – Mick Holly

“Judge a person not on the quality of their answers but on the quality of their questions.” – Voltaire

“World class discovery must come before world class selling.” – Mick Holly

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