Welcome to the first episode of the Science of Business Wealth podcast with Mick Holly and Andre Gien. This episode is where they lay out the vision for the podcast and entice you with tid-bits from the topics to come. If you want to build and grow a business that is full of impact and stands the test of time, you’re in the right place.

Using a scientific approach, Mick and Andre have come up with 5 disciplines that have proven to be consistent factors in successful businesses. They explain these disciplines in detail and touch on how each of them are backed up by hard data and information that can be used to help you implement them into your business. All of the episodes to come will have a foundation built on these 5 disciplines.

This season is following up on the Financial Statement Story series by digging deeper into the scientific research behind what goes into a successful business. Not only will Mick and Andre be laying out the scientific data and information they have found, they will discuss the validity and impact of this data and what people are saying about it. By taking in all the angles of this valuable information, you are guaranteed to learn a lot throughout this series.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • What differentiates this podcast season from the last and why it will be so impactful to how you think about and execute your business.

  • The definition of true business wealth and how this relates in a big way to you as the owner.

  • What main factors have been scientifically shown to be an issue for businesses.

  • How they are able to help businesses based on the scientific evidence that has been found.

  • The 5 elements that have set successful businesses apart from the rest of the pack and how they translate into the 5 disciplines.

  • The important difference between working IN your business and working ON your business.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Great operators get tired, great owners get rich.” - Tony Robbins

"The 5 disciplines of successful businesses: Good growth, making money, cashflow management, the power of you and process." - Mick Holly 

Resources In Today's Episode:

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