Are you running a lifestyle business? Or is this a goal you have? When it comes to the sustainability of this model, much of what is important gets lost in the day-to-day needs and distractions of running the business, so today, Mick and Andre will explain the number one problem with lifestyle businesses, as well as what it takes to get to an investor ready state.

Listen in to learn what "investor ready" actually means and why it’s important to your business—even if you’re not interested in selling. Mick and Andre share the mindset you need to build and scale a business that will support you now and in the future, why it's important to invest in your business, how to avoid distraction, and more.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:


  • The goal of a lifestyle business.
  • What an investor ready business is and why it matters.
  • Why it’s important to be investor ready even if you don't want to sell.
  • The mindset that is necessary in order to make a business more scalable.
  • Why investing in your business is so important.
  • One key metric that will tell you whether you are investor ready or not.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“It’s not about size; it’s really about the mentality of that business because what you’re primarily interested in is supporting your lifestyle.” – Mick Holly

“An investor-ready business is the ability to develop your business in a way that is always operating at its peak performance.” – Andre Gien

“People are very reluctant to invest in their business.” – Andre Gien

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