Now that they have given an overview of the 9 ways to score your business, Mick and Andre will be going over each in detail, one by one. In this episode, they discuss the opportunities and risks that are presented within your customer portfolio and how to manage it in an effective way. You will gain a better understanding of the phases the portfolio goes through, as well as the part it plays in creating a sustainable and lower-risk business.

Knowing the right spots to focus and place your resources is the key to creating growth and stability, and Mick and Andre provide some great insight into understanding the profitability and risk management factors within your customer portfolio. Listen in to learn how to balance your portfolio in a way that manages risk and gives you ultimate growth opportunity.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Why it's important to understand the 4 phases of the customer portfolio.
  • The critical difference between what you offer and who you sell to.
  • How to look at your reliance from multiple perspectives.
  • The growth opportunity inside your customer portfolio.
  • How to know the right customer and the importance of being able to say no to the wrong ones.
  • The first thing Mick and Andre would do to help you balance the growth of your business.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Keep in mind that the customer portfolio and the value offer are two very different things.” – Andre Gien

“Our clients who are really successful have the ability to say no. They know where there is good business, and they know where there is not good business.” – Andre Gien

“If you do lose one of those customers, your business continues to operate, and underpinning that, there will be some customers delivering higher margins. Any one loss isn’t going to be disastrous.” – Mick Holly

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