No business wants to be in the position where demand generation is consistently stressful, but so many are in this survival mode. In this episode, Andre and Mick will be discussing how customer acquisition can actually be quite predictable, and they share insight on how to make it that way for your business. Continuing on the theme of the Investor Ready Scorecard, the guys reference the different levels of business and how customer acquisition should look for each stage.

Listen in to learn how to be more intentional about gaining customers through drip feeding them information on your business and why this is so necessary. Andre and Mick explain the importance of not overlooking systems and the development of old clients as you grow. They also cover why it's key to find the right customers and take them on a journey toward closing the sale.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • The importance of predictable customer acquisition.
  • Why it’s difficult to understand where to find customers.
  • How people end up destroying current customer relationships while trying to acquire new ones.
  • The importance of identifying the right kind of growth.
  • How to use the “surprise gauge” and what it means.
  • How customer acquisition is similar to a vending machine.
  • The customer journey and why you need one.
  • Going from meeting takers to market makers – two critical processes.
  • Why intentional “drip feeding” is so valuable to marketing.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“New clients are like buses; when you need one – it’s not there. But when you don’t need one – three come at once!” – Mick Holly

“In this growth mindset, we are aspiring to get growth, but it’s gotta be the right kind of growth that grows that profit.” – Mick Holly

“80% of sales are closed on the 5th to the 12th contact.” – Mick Holly

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